Compromís per a
la Sostenibilitat

At Cabanes Dosrius we want to promote responsible consumption. Our purpose is to be able to invest every year in improvements that are always sustainable with the environment in order to take care of our surroundings and seek a healthier world.

In order to carry out our activity in accordance with our values and philosophy of life, we do our best in order to reduce waste. If not, we work with eco-bio and recyclable products. And we promote local commerce, with whom we share our ethical values.

We have ecological awareness and respect for the environment, which is why our cabins are completely rustic and have been built to suit the characteristics of each tree without damaging it.

We like to promote and encourage artisan, artistic and cultural products in the area. As our fantastic Chef, who offers organic, seasonal food from Km0.

The Cabin respects the tree that holds it without damaging either hindering its growth.

Values, Mission and Vision

Love for nature and the need to take care of her is our reason to be. With Cabanes Dosrius we want to help value the wonderfil and indispensable nature, as it deserves.

Our mission as a business project is to be able to approach and share this idyllic environment, to those people who want to experience nature from a new perspective. Offering rooms in cabins above the trees where there is no light or running water, while you can enjoy all the basic comforts of a rural hotel.

Our vision is to be able to make our activity a positive contribution and improvement for a more sustainable world. Where both the people we work with and those who visit us, we can have a greater awareness of the importance of caring for the natural environment. Because we are convinced that it is key to achieving social welfare, a sustainable basis for the balance of other factors.

So, Sharing, Connecting with Nature, Empathy and Enjoyment, are the values that underpin our reason for being.